"Paris est toujours une bonne idée" - A.Hepburn

I visit Paris often. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world. 

I enjoy french culture, food & men.

I adore the french mans love and appreciation for women. French men have a tremendous amount of respect as well & their manners sweep me off my feet & arouse me. 

Visit me at my upscale hotel.

To book a rendezvous in Paris with me, email

Dinner Date- 160 roses

1 hour - 330 roses

2 hours - 490 roses

3 hours - 620 roses

5 hours - 770 roses

6 hours - 850 roses

Additional hour - 220 roses

Overnight - 1500 roses

24 hours - 2500 roses*


"Deposits separate the boys from the men."

A 25% deposit will be needed for all Paris meets. This is to secure our time together so I can ensure that you have the best experience possible. The deposit can be given via 1. E-gift card to 2. Bank transfer 

Fake bookings are made from time-wasting clients who enjoy going through the booking process pointlessly. I'd like you to financially invested in our time so I can ensure you value my time as much as I value yours. I request deposits to filter out fake bookings from genuine clients and ensure the time I reserve is for genuine clients only. I have invested a lot into my photography marketing and more & I wouldn’t put everything on the line for a £60-200 deposit. If your a genuine client but you have a privacy concern about transferring money, you can always walk into my bank and make a cash deposit. Or express your concern and I will offer an alternate payment options which might be more suitable. 

screening required.